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Hi there, my name is Jonathan and I’m a Dane living and working in Nottingham. I run a small graphic design studio, specialising in visual identities and motion design. My work is characterised by contemporary and bold graphic solutions applied within a print, environmental and digital context. An important part of my work is motion design which is why I always design with a dynamic aspect in mind.
I have worked with bigger brands and smaller businesses on multiple levels and I have a diverse range of work that I do within the field of visual communication. For more specific jobs, have a look at my list of services. I love meeting new people so if you wanna have a chat about a potential project, don't hesitate to drop me an email
My past client work includes: Apple, BBC Creative, MA Material Futures (UAL: Central Saint Martins), Proa21, Samsung, University for the Creative Arts amongst others.

Identity design

Logo design


Identity applications

Motion design

Signage & wayfinding

Typographic work

Bespoke typeface design

Web design

Art direction

Environmental design

Social media campaigns


Printed matter

Poster design

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